Diers Klinik in Times Magazine

Times Magazine article

Diers Klinik in Times Magazine

We, at Diers Klinik, are very proud to have been featured in The Times Magazine on Saturday June 03, 2023.

The article highlights the many options we offer to single women and lesbian women seeking fertility treatment with donor sperm. It also covers the personal story of our founder, Liza Diers, who is the proud mother of 3 donor children.

Denmark and Diers Klinik has become a popular destination for women seeking fertility treatments thanks to affordability and our liberal legislation. Diers Klinik specialises in offering stigma-free IUI treatment for singles and lesbians who want to start a family.

The Times article also sheds light on the many possibilities for individually choosing a sperm donor at Diers Klinik. This gives you the opportunity to select a donor that matches you and your preferences in terms of appearance, personality, education, values, interests, and more.

Read the Times Magazine article here.