Single Mom By Choice 40+

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Single Mom by Choice at 40+

Katrin Solomutter

In July 2022, we met Katrin here at Diers Klinik. At that time, she was just about to turn 42 and wanted to fulfill her wish to have a child as soon as possible – without a partner.

Like many other women, Katrin also wondered if it was still realistic to become a single mom by choice at the age of 40+.

Today, Katrin is 43 years old and the proud mother of her sweet daughter Tilda. In this blog post, you can read more about Katrin’s journey to parenthood and her decision to become a solo mom by choice at over 40.

Single Mom by Choice at 40+: Decision-making process

Katrin had actually wanted children since her early 20s. Like many other women, she also had the romantic notion of going on this journey with a partner.

Therefore, the decision to become a solo mom by choice was not an easy one. Katrin tells us that she pondered this decision for almost three years before taking the plunge. Her biggest concern and consideration were whether she could financially manage to have a child on her own.

Katrin also discussed the idea of becoming a solo mom by choice with her friends and family beforehand. She received positive encouragement from all sides, which was an important factor in her final decision.

A friend of Katrin’s was also the decisive reason why she chose to undergo fertility treatment with us at Diers Klinik in Denmark. In her friend’s circle, there was a couple who had done the treatment with us and recommended our fertility clinic.

Single Mom by Choice at 40+: The journey to Diers Klinik

Katrin subsequently visited our website, read everything thoroughly, and quickly decided that she wanted to pursue her path to solo motherhood with our clinic in Denmark. An important reason for her was also the cost. Financially, the IUI treatment in Denmark was more feasible for her than in Germany.

After gathering all the information and carefully considering everything, Katrin booked an appointment for the initial consultation for July 22nd, 2022, at the clinic. The idea was that the first insemination would already take place on that day.

Regarding the initial consultation, Katrin says:

“The conversation was incredibly nice and very informative. I immediately felt comfortable.”

Single Mom by Choice at 40+: Insemination Treatment

After discussing everything with Katrin during the consultation and her bringing along the necessary blood tests, the exciting part of her visit began.

Because Katrin had informed us in advance that she would likely ovulate on the day of the initial consultation, she performed an ovulation test at the clinic immediately after the conversation. The result: positive.

An ultrasound was performed immediately, confirming that Katrin was about to ovulate. The first insemination was carried out on the same day as the initial consultation:

“It was totally exciting and somehow crazy.”

Unfortunately, the first IUI treatment was not successful, but that did not deter Katrin. For her, it was clear: I want to become a single mom by choice.

In the following cycle, she traveled from Hamburg to Aarhus again when she had a positive ovulation test. The second insemination took place on August 17th, 2022, and 14 days later, on August 31st, 2022, Katrin held her positive pregnancy test in her hand.

Single Mom by Choice at 40+: Pregnancy Chances

Initially, Katrin was mainly concerned about whether she had waited too long to try. At almost 42 years old, she knew in advance that the chances of getting pregnant were not the best. Therefore, she naturally wondered if it might not work out due to her age.

“Of course, you try to prepare yourself for the possibility that it might not work out, but hope prevails initially.”

When she held her positive pregnancy test in her hands after the second IUI treatment, she was naturally overjoyed. Initially, there were still fears about whether the pregnancy would develop well, as it was classified as a high-risk pregnancy due to Katrin’s age.

However, Katrin tells us that the pregnancy went completely smoothly apart from initial nausea.

“My daughter was born on May 4, 2023: The love of my life. There she was… Indescribable ♡”

Single Mom by Choice at 40+: A New Life

Katrin Solomutter

Katrin’s life has completely changed since then. With the birth of her Tilda, life turned upside down.

“My princess is the focus, but that’s exactly what I always wanted. To this day, I know it was absolutely the right decision.”

Being a single mom by choice is a topic that Katrin openly discusses. If someone has questions, she is happy to answer them, and through her openness, she quickly learned that being a single mom by choice is not uncommon. Many other women have gone down the same path.

Therefore, she can only advise other single moms to be open about the topic. In this way, you meet others and don’t feel as alone as you might have expected.

Tips for Future Single Mom by Choice 

Katrin tells us that she was very well informed beforehand, which made the decision easier. Especially for single women, she advises thoroughly considering this journey beforehand. It is a lifelong decision that cannot be made overnight.

Her most important tip is: Have a conversation with family and friends!

Support from your network is important. Through an open conversation with friends and family, it may well be that someone knows someone who has gone down this path alone. A conversation with a single mom by choice is highly advisable, and one should not miss this opportunity before deciding to undergo fertility treatment to become a single mom.

“For myself, I sometimes think in hindsight: Oh, if only I had decided earlier… But who knows what that’s good for 🙂”

Thank you very much, dear Katrin, for sharing your story with us and our readers. We wish you and your Tilda all the best!