Tests before IUI

Pre-IUI testing in the UK

Prior to undergoing an IUI procedure at Diers Klinik, you must prepare by completing required blood tests.

These are the mandatory blood tests you must have taken before starting treatment:

    1. HIV 1 & 2 (Anti-HIV 1,2)
    2. Hepatitis B (HBs Ag and Anti-HBc)
    3. Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV Ab)

The vast majority of our customers will only need the mandatory blood tests. However, there can be cases where additional testing could be relevant.

If additional tests could be relevant for you, we will discuss this with you at the initial consultation or during your course of treatment at the clinic. 

Below is a list with descriptions of the blood tests.

  • Which tests: HIV 1 & 2, Hepatitis B and C
  • Description: The Danish Health Authority requires that all patients get tested for these infectious diseases before starting fertility treatment.
  • Which tests: Ferritin, Vitamin D3 (25-hydroxy-vitamin D), Vitamin B12 (cobalamin), TSH (thyrotropin)
  • Description: Some women may lack vitamins or have hormone levels outside the reference range. If the levels of these are very low (or high) it can affect the chances of achieving pregnancy.
    Some women may need vitamin supplements or other treatment in order for the levels to normalize.
    It is not advisable to eat supplements without having the level tested first, as too high a vitamin or hormone level can also have a negative impact on the chance of pregnancy.
  • Which test: AMH (anti-Müllerian hormone)
  • Description: AMH is a hormone produced in the ovaries in the small (early) follicles. AMH is a marker for the amount of eggs in a woman’s egg reserve, i.e. how many eggs are left.
    AMH does not say anything about the quality of the eggs.
    You may have a few eggs left, but of good quality, and vice versa.
    AMH cannot be used as a marker for the overall chance of getting pregnant.
  • Which test: Progesterone
  • Description: Progesterone is a hormone that affects the endometrium during and after ovulation. Most women without fertility problems have a normal progesterone level.
    If the progesterone level is too low, it can affect whether a fertilized egg implants.
    Progesterone can be tested in a blood test at certain times of the menstrual cycle. If the level is too low, you can get a supplement of the hormone after the insemination.

Test services at Sirkka Health

If you reside in the UK, it can sometimes be challenging to get the required tests from your GP. If this is the case for you, we recommend considering the services of our trusted partner, Sirkka Health.

Sirkka Health is a UK-based healthcare company that provides affordable and accurate diagnostic and pre-treatment tests for individuals who are planning to have fertility treatment and surgeries abroad.

Sirkka offers convenient options, including tests at their facilities or in the comfort of your own home, and ensure speedy delivery of your test results.

Sirkka Health’s pre-IUI test package

Sirkka Health offers a test package for the mandatory pre-IUI blood tests (HIV 1 & 2, Hepatitis B and C) and can also do do the optional tests if necessary. 

The price of the pre-IUI blood tests (HIV 1 & 2, Hepatitis B and C) is £148.

    • The price includes in-clinic phlebotomy & sample delivery services. Home visit phlebotomy may incur an extra charge depending on location.
    • Contact us and ask for a special Diers Klinik discount code to receive a 10% discount on the rate.

How to book the testing

You can book the blood tests on Sirkka Health’s website:

    1. Click Treatments Abroad
    2. Tick off Location and Diers Klinik
    3. Choose the test profile (choose Test Profile 1 for the the mandatory test package).

If you do not live near Sirkka’s test clinics and wish to book a home visit test, please contact Sirkka directly to arrange an appointment.

The map below shows the areas in the UK covered by Sirkka Health.

Ultrasound scans 

Sirkka Health also offers ultrasound scans:

    • Follicle scan: Transvaginal scan with measurement of follicle size (to confirm development of a leading follicle) and thickness of endometrium.
    • Pregnancy scan: Early pregnancy scan (weeks 6-9) to confirm heartbeat.

Please contact Sirkka Health for further information.

Before making an appointment, please contact us to get the the required ultrasound request letter.