Diers Klinik in the media

Recent press coverage in the UK

Why single women are going to Denmark to become mothers

26 July 2023

Single parenthood by choice is on the rise in the UK – but why are British women turning to Denmark for help? This Stories of our Times podcast episode with journalist Rachel Sylvester and solo mum Liv Thorne is about Diers Klinik and solo motherhood.

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Solo mothers demand fertility treatment

29 June 2023

In the UK, more aspiring parents choose to establish a family on their own. High costs lead many to receive fertility treatments abroad. Harriet Andrew is one of them, and she got pregnant with the help of Diers Klinik.

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The fertility clinic single British women visit to get pregnant

3 June 2023

The Times showcases why many single British women come to Diers Klinik to fulfill their dreams of becoming mothers. The article also delves into the personal journey of our founder, Liza Diers, who is the proud mother of three children conceived through donor insemination.

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Solo mothers seeking fertility treatment are ‘looking to Denmark’

4 July 2023

More UK-based parents are choosing to establish a family on their own and high costs are leading many to receive fertility treatments abroad.

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Lesbian couple chose Denmark over Birmingham to have baby with fertility treatment – here’s why

3 March 2023

Danielle and Sophie, a married couple went to Denmark to get IUI treatment. They are now awaiting the arrival of their first child. 

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Recent press coverage outside the UK

Liza helps women get pregnant

20 August 2023

The Danish newpaper, Avisen Danmark, visited Diers Klinik and talked to founder, Liza Diers, about her mission with the clinic. 

See the original Danish article here, or read the translated version here.

Fertility discrimination in Japan

22 July 2023

Diers Klinik’s founder, Liza Diers, and her family was part of a news segment on Japanese Nippon TV covering the topic of LGBTQ+ discrimination in accessing fertility services in Japan. The programme presents the Danish fertility system and highlights the lagging legal system in Japan.

Watch the news segment that was broadcast on two news programmes on Japanese television or read about it in this blogpost. You can enable automatically generated English subtitles in the YouTube settings menu.