IUI for single woman

Insemination treatment (IUI) for single women

When starting Diers Klinik in 2006, it was an important part of our vision that all women should have the right to have a child if they have the ability to be a parent.

At the time, the legislation on fertility treatment and family planning in many countries discriminated against single women and lesbian couples. So since 2006, we have helped thousands of women become solo mums by choice through intrauterine insemination (IUI) for single women.

Today, more and more single women choose IUI for single women to have a baby on their own. They aim to create a family with a sperm donor.

Fortunately, it has become much easier for single women to receive fertility treatments and achieve their desire for pregnancy. This is even true through the national healthcare systems of many countries.

However, many solo mums-to-be still experience discrimination. Therefore, we continue to assist and offer IUI for single women from all over the world. Our goal is to help them in creating their own families.

Insemination treatment (IUI) with donated sperm is the most natural and gentle method of becoming pregnant for you as a single woman.

Apart from avoiding the harsh side effects and risks of fertility drugs, insemination treatment in your natural cycle is also normally the most affordable of the various fertility services.

Single women with a wish for a child

Since our first solo mum-to-be walked through our doors in 2006 to receive an IUI for single women, we have seen a steady increase in single women choosing to start their families with us.

Today, nearly 40% of our insemination treatments are performed on single women.

If you feel alone in this journey, let us reassure you – you are not. Many women like you are choosing not to wait for the right partner. They are taking their future into their own hands.

At our fertility clinic, we find that single women are often the most prepared and committed, backed by a strong support network.

You can find inspiration and courage in our 12 recommended Single Mother by Choice podcasts.

IUI for single women: Single women are usually not patients

We are proud to provide IUI for single women in their natural cycle and have a strong record of success. The majority of the women we assist have no prior medical history that would suggest they cannot conceive naturally.

Therefore, we strongly believe in giving single women the opportunity to become pregnant through IUI. In the most natural way possible.

As a rule, we do not view single women as patients requiring medical intervention.

When nature needs a helping hand

We are able to help the vast majority of the women who seek IUI for single women with our natural insemination method. However, there are cases where a little more help is needed. For example a mild stimulation, an egg donor, or IVF/ICSI. 

Some of these fertility treatment options we perform here at Diers Klinik. As for others, Diers IVF, our sister clinic, specialises in these treatments.

We work very closely with our colleagues at Diers IVF Treatment in order to offer our clients the optimal treatment. Diers IVF Treatment is in the same building as Diers Klinik, so their expertise is just up the stairs.

The insemination treatment (IUI) for single women

Insemination treatment is also referred to as artificial insemination (AI) or IUI, which is short for IntraUterine Insemination (insemination inside the uterus). However, the procedure is the same.

If you are a single woman and choose IUI, we wait for you to ovulate. Then we insert the purified donor sperm into the uterus with a thin, flexible catheter, after which fertilisation occurs naturally.

This way, you do not have to undergo hormone treatment, which can negatively affect the body and mind.

At our clinic, we have been perfecting our natural IUI method since 2006, and we are proud to say that our approach is effective – also for single women. We are actually one of the best in our specialist field in Denmark – our success rates are among the highest.

IUI is path to a natural pregnancy for single women

If you, as a single woman, would like to start IUI with us, you simply have to do the following:

As we take pride in performing the treatment in your natural cycle, the clinic is open 365 days a year. In that way, we will be able to carry out the insemination when the time is just right for your body.