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IUI insemination treatment

Diers Klinik takes pride in being one of the pioneering clinics in Denmark and Europe to offer IUI fertility treatment for all women and couples. Since founding Diers Klinik in 2006, we have helped single women and same-sex women create their families with access to fertility treatment with donor sperm.

We specialise in making babies through IUI. The IUI treatment method, a type of artificial insemination, is also known as intrauterine insemination.

Single women

Lesbian and trangender couples

Heterosexual couples

Hormone-free fertility treatment

No fertility drugs needed – flexible scheduling to align with your body’s natural biorhythm.

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Affordable IUI

High-quality IUI treatment at up to 50% lower costs compared to UK clinics.

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Excellent success rates

Experts in IUI treatment with donor sperm since 2006, with one of the best IUI success rates in Denmark.

Open 365 day a year – no waiting lists

Book a free consultation today and start treatment in your next menstrual cycle.

Start the course of IUI treatment today

A course of IUI insemination treatment with us is a smooth and fast process.
We make an effort not to complicate things more than necessary in order to make your path to pregnancy as short as possible.

The process includes the following easy steps:

1. Consultation

Online or in person.

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2. Preparation

Blood tests etc.

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3. Donor selection

For clients to be treated with donor sperm.

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4. Insemination

Come for IUI Insemination treatment when the ovulation test is positive.

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Why does IUI optimise the chances of pregnancy?

IUI optimises the chances of getting pregnant because of the following:

The IUI process

IUI is the simplest, least invasive, and mildest method of fertility treatment.

IUI in your natural cycle

As the IUI treatment is performed in your natural menstrual cycle, there is normally no need for hormones or other fertility medication.

The majority of women have no medical history suggesting they cannot achieve pregnancy naturally.

Thus, we firmly believe these women and couples should have the opportunity to conceive as naturally as possible. And we have had great success with our natural IUI treatment method. 

The IUI insemination procedure

During the IUI insemination procedure, we introduce the purified sperm cells through your cervix directly into the uterus with a thin, sterile catheter. Pregnancy occurs naturally when the sperm fertilises an egg, and the fertilised egg attaches to the lining of your uterus.

The insemination (IUI) procedure resembles a regular gynaecological examination, and most women do not experience any pain or discomfort. So, you will not need pain medication or anaesthesia during treatment.

Before IUI

Before the IUI treatment, we will guide you to determine the time of your ovulation using ovulation tests.

On the day of treatment, we always do an ultrasound scan to make sure that the time is optimal. When this is confirmed via the scan, we prepare the sperm for insemination.

High IUI success rate

As we take pride in performing the treatment in your natural cycle, the clinic is open 365 days a year. In that way, we will be able to carry out the insemination when the time is just right for your body.

We have continuously refined this natural IUI treatment method since 2006 when founder Liza Diers opened the clinic.

Our statistics also show that our approach bears fruit. We have one of the highest IUI success rates in Denmark. The wall in our clinic is even covered with cute “Diers baby” photos that makes us happy and proud every day. 

IUI insemination treatment with donor sperm or partner sperm

We offer IUI insemination with donor sperm and IUI insemination with your partner’s sperm for couples that have experienced unexplained infertility.

If you have a friend or acquaintance who wants to be a known donor, this is also an option with us. Read more about IUI insemination treatment with a known donor here.

We can also freeze sperm for later insemination if your partner or friend cannot be present on the day of the IUI insemination. 

Choice of sperm donor

We offer IUI with a wide selection of open and closed sperm donors from various Scandinavian sperm banks. Here, you will find more information on the sperm donor choice.

We will be happy to assist you and will be available throughout the important process of selecting the right donor for IUI.

Feel free to contact us if you need advice on donor choice or want to get access to detailed information about the many sperm donors available for you to choose from.

IUI performed with professionalism and ‘hygge’

At Diers Klinik, you will experience a safe and friendly environment with lots of Danish ‘hygge’.

Our experienced team understands the importance of you feeling relaxed and calm throughout the IUI process. Furthermore, we have the time and the interpersonal skills to sense exactly what is needed for you to feel comfortable and safe. So, with us, you will be in very good hands.

We believe that our unique atmosphere, combined with our empathetic and highly professional approach, create the optimal setting for a successful outcome.

Meet Diers Klinik’s founder, Liza Diers, in the YouTube video and hear more about the clinic.  

Aarhus and Diers Klinik is only a short flight away

Travelling from most European countries to Diers Klinik in Aarhus is hassle-free and surprisingly quick.

With multiple daily flights departing for Denmark from airports all over Europe, you will find yourself in Denmark in no time.

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