Screening of sperm donors

The donor sperm, we buy for use in the clinic from Born Donor Bank and Livio Sperm Bank, is carefully selected and screened.

Only few donor applicants pass through the eye of the needle

All the donors used in the clinic meet the high Danish standards set by the Danish Patient Safety Authority and the EU Tissues and Cells Directive.
The donors must of course have a particularly good sperm quality. In addition, they are screened and tested for a number of infectious and genetic diseases.
Only very few donor applicants pass through the eye of the needle and get approved as donors.
If you choose to buy the donor sperm yourself through another sperm bank, we advise you to investigate the screening procedures and testing of the donors at the sperm bank in question.

Residual risk

Although all recommended testing of the donors has been carried out, the risk of transmitting a hereditary or infectious disease cannot be ruled out completely
Humans are carriers of thousands of genes. Consequently, we cannot know for sure which genes we carry, and which may have an influence on the health of a future child.
Sperm donors are most likely tested and examined for more diseases than you and/or your partner.