Insemination prices

Prices from 20 January 2022. All prices in EUR.

Diers Klinik Special – we offer free reservation of a donor from SellmerDiers Spermbank for 30 days:  
Insemination with No ID-Release donor incl. one ultrasound 1.345€
Insemination with No ID-release max. 25 donor incl. one ultrasound 1.480€
Insemination with ID-Release donor incl. one ultrasound 1.680 €
Insemination with partner sperm incl. preparation and one ultrasound 720€
Ultrasound and guidance 75€
Acupuncture 75€
Ovulation test 5€
Weekend charge 60€
Extra charge for preparation of partner sperm on a Sunday or Danish holiday 75€


You can pay for the treatment by cash (€ or DKK) or make a transfer. If you want to transfer the money before your visit, please send us an e-mail, so we can send you an invoice. Unfortunately it is not possible to pay with foreign Credit Cards at Diers Klinik.