Sperm Storage at Diers Klinik

If you want to secure multiple units from a donor from Born Donor Bank or Livio Sperm Bank, you have the option to set up a sperm storage with us.

It is cheaper and easier for you to set up the storage through us rather than doing it directly with the sperm bank. We cover the delivery costs for you, and you don’t need to buy a Pregnancy Slot.

When should I make a sperm storage?

By creating a storage with us at the clinic, you can secure your favorite donor for multiple attempts. This way, you avoid the risk of the donor not being available from month to month.

You should also consider setting up a sperm storage if you want to secure the same donor for future siblings.

How can I make s aperm storage?

Simply send us an email and let us know which donor you would like to purchase and how long you want the depot.

Here is a small step-by-step guide for you:

  • Send us an email with the following information:
    Donor name, number of desired units, storage time

  • You will receive an invoice, which you must pay within 8 days

  • When you have sent your receipt of the payment, we will set up the storage at the clinic and send you the storage contract

  • You can now come to us for the IUI treatment at any time

How much does a sperm storage cost?

The cost of the sperm units depends on which donor you choose. Prices vary depending on the donor category and sperm bank. You can view our current prices here.

The storage can be set up for either 3, 6, or 12 months. The storage prices are as follows:

  • 3 months: 75 € / 500 DKK
  • 6 months: 120 € / 800 DKK
  • 12 months: 180 € / 1250 DKK

If you set up a storage for siblings, you can also directly purchase storage for 2 years (2 x 180 €). The sperm storage can be extended at any time. You just need to contact us by email.

Think about future siblings

If you become pregnant through the insemination treatment and want siblings from the same donor in the future, you should secure units for a storage.

Sperm donors donate their sperm voluntarily and they can therefore stop donating at any time. Once this happens, no new units are produced, and the donor can quickly sell out at the sperm bank.

Our experience shows that most women come back for a sibling 2-3 years after the first successful treatment, and often the same donors are no longer active at that time.

Therefore, our recommendation is always to think about securing sperm units for siblings during pregnancy.

We are always happy to advise you on setting up a storage – no matter where you are on your fertility journey.