Donor children

Life with a donor child

We are well aware that the journey is far from over when you leave Diers Klinik expecting a donor child. The challenges you will face are not more than in any other family, but perhaps sometimes a little different. We know that from first-hand experience.

First-hand experience

Liza Diers, who started the clinic back in 2006, has been in the same situation herself. Together with her wife, she has three wonderful donor children.

From personal experience, she has a very good understanding of the questions and concerns you might have to deal with before starting treatment. If anyone, she also knows many of the challenges you meet when you become the parents of a donor child.

To help and support others in the same situation has always been a driving force for Liza in Diers Klinik. Therefore, she wishes to share her own experiences. Here, you can read Liza’s story, where she talks about her considerations before the treatment, and what role the donor plays in her family’s life today.


Liza’s children have always known that they are donor children, and this has led to funny situations along the way. In this story on our blog, she talks about the time her daughter suddenly called all men “father” because she heard that the other children in kindergarten did so.

You can also read the story of Steffi and Jonas from Germany. Because Jonas is transgender, the couple had their dream of a child fulfilled in Diers Klinik with the help of a donor. Today they are the proud parents of little Juna.

What do children call their LGBT+ mothers? In a rainbow family with two mothers, you must decide what your children should call you. Read more about this topic in this blogpost.