We highly prioritize your wishes

Our first and highest priority is to be able to offer our clients individual instructions. We would very much like to make ourselves available when you, and maybe your partner, must choose a suitable donor. We work closely with the employees at SellmerDiers Sperm Bank. This means that we will be able to offer you unique advantages at Diers Klinik:

  • A free of charge photo match with the donor
  • Guidance if you have specific wishes on for e.g. a donor’s personality or appearance
  • Free of charge reservation of SellmerDiers donor sperm for up to 30 days before your treatment

Other than offering insemination treatment with SellmerDiers donor sperm, we also offer insemination treatment with:

  • Donor sperm from Danish sperm banks that you have bought and gotten sent to us
  • Partner’s washed sperm
  • Known donor