Find a sperm donor

At Diers Klinik, we understand that the path to parenthood is a deeply personal and significant one.

As part of our unwavering commitment to supporting your dreams of starting a family, we offer a range of sperm donor options. These options are tailored to your preferences and needs, so you can find the right sperm donor for you.

Whether you are considering treatment with partner sperm, donor sperm from renowned Scandinavian sperm banks, or a known sperm donor, our dedicated team is here to guide you. We’ll help you through every step of this important decision, so you can find a sperm donor for your insemination.

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Find a sperm donor or use partner sperm 

At our fertility clinic, we offer a range of fertility treatments. These includes the use of donor sperm sourced from reputable Scandinavian sperm banks, as well as treatments using a partner’s sperm.

You can read more about the different options on how to find a sperm donor below. We will also explain the options of using partner sperm or a known donor.

Partner sperm

If you and your partner have unsuccessfully tried to achieve pregnancy at home, we would gladly help you increase your chances with insemination treatment. You can begin your journey to parenthood instantly at Diers Klinik. We have no waiting lists, nor do we require the need for a specified ‘trying’ period before commencing treatment.

You will also have the option to retain your position on your home country’s national health service waiting list while undergoing treatment at Diers Klinik.

We recommend that the male has a sperm analysis before we begin the treatment. In this section, you will find comprehensive information about undergoing treatment with partner sperm, including the process.

Known donor

You can also find a sperm donor in a person you already know, and at Diers Klinik we offer treatment with a known donor. So, if you prefer a known donor, we at Diers Klinik are ready to assist.

As per Danish regulations, the donor is required to be treated as a sperm donor unless you are a couple. Therefore, the donor must visit our clinic for a consultation, undergo a health examination, and respond to several health and family illness history inquiries.

Find ID-release and no ID-release sperm donors

When you need to find a sperm donor, you have a few choices to make.

‘ID-release’, or open donors, have agreed in advance that the sperm bank can disclose their identity to the donor child when the child is 18 years old.

You may also choose ‘No-ID-Release’ sperm donors, also known as anonymous sperm donors. Opting for a ‘No ID-Release’ sperm donor entails maintaining the donor’s identity anonymously to the child. As a result, the child will never have the opportunity to discover the sperm donor’s identity.

You can read more about the ID-release and no ID-release choice here

Find a sperm donor from Born Donor Bank and Livio Sperm Bank

Your journey towards parenthood is an extraordinary one. We are proud to collaborate with two reputable sperm banks when you need to find a sperm donor. This ensures that you have access to a diverse selection of high quality donor sperm.

The two sperm banks Diers Klinik collaborates with are:

  • Born Donor Bank: a Danish sperm bank that has been our preferred sperm bank for several years. Since 2016, the sperm bank has helped a large number of people find a sperm donor and achieve their dreams of starting a family.
  • Livio Sperm Bank: a Scandinavian sperm bank that offers donors from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland with a wide variety of ethnicities. The largest provider of fertility treatments in the Nordic Region with vast experience of recruiting high quality sperm donors as well as treatment with donor sperm.

For you, this means that we will be able to offer you an extensive selection of donors and unique benefits tailored to your needs when you need to find a sperm donor.

These are your benefits:

  • Free reservation of donor sperm from Livio and Born for up to 30 days before your treatment
  • Access to a complimentary photo match with donors – for Born donors
  • Thorough guidance if you have specific wishes regarding a donor’s personality or appearance – for Born donors
  • Access to a detailed personality analysis – available for selected Livio donors

Find a sperm donor from Born Donor Bank

At Born Donor Bank you can choose between the following sperm donor categories:

  • ID-Release donors (with an extended profile), and
  • No ID-Release donors / anonymous donors (without an extended profile).

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This will allow you to review and make an informed choice, when you need to find your sperm donor.

Find a sperm donor from Livio Sperm Bank

At Livio Sperm Bank, you have access to a diverse range of open sperm donors. Obtain essential donor information, including many with baby photos. Also, some donors even offer the opportunity to receive a personality analysis, empowering you with valuable insights for your parenthood journey.

Livio’s sperm donors are all open donors. This means that from the age of 18, the child can receive information about the donor’s identity through Livio Sperm Bank. Furthermore, the sperm donor may help a maximum of 25 families to have a child or children.

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Here, you can delve deeper into the process of how to find a sperm donor.

Screening of sperm donors

Only a small number of donor applicants meet the stringent criteria required to become donors. So when you have to find a sperm donor, these donors utilised by the clinic adhere to the elevated standards set by the Danish Patient Safety Authority and the EU Tissues and Cells Directive. 

Donors are required to possess exceptional sperm quality. Moreover, they undergo rigorous screening and testing for various infectious and genetic diseases. The approval process is highly selective, with only a limited number of applicants successfully becoming donors. 

You can read more about the screening process of sperm donors here.

Other sperm banks where you can find a sperm donor

Your preferences matter to us, and we respect your individuality. If you choose to explore options beyond Born Donor Bank and Livio Sperm Bank, you have the freedom to find a sperm donor from other reputable institutions. For example European Sperm Bank or Cryos. 

However, it is important to note that if you opt for this route to find a sperm donor, you will be responsible for managing the entire purchase and delivery process, including ordering the correct sperm unit and ensuring timely delivery:

  • Order the correct sperm unit (IUI, MOT20+)
  • Order delivery in good time (pay attention to the delivery time and closing days)
  • Additional costs (delivery and handling fee)

While this option requires more involvement on your part, it provides you with the flexibility to find a sperm donor that aligns with your specific preferences and needs.

Your wishes are our priority

At Diers Klinik, your wishes take centre stage. Our foremost goal is to provide you with unparalleled individual guidance. This ensures that you find a sperm donor that aligns with your dreams of building a family.

With years of experience dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ greatest wishes, we possess a profound understanding of the factors that truly matter throughout this journey.

We are looking forward to meeting you for the initial consultation, where we can further discuss your individual needs and options. The initial consultation is the first step on your fertility journey. 

Our fertility consultation is conducted in a serene and secure environment. We prioritise understanding you, your desires for the treatment plan, and your medical and familial background.

We will thoroughly discuss the treatment process and offer guidance on optimal preparation – including how to find a sperm donor. Additionally, we will present a detailed timeline and a clear cost breakdown for the treatment.

Consequences under civil law for foreign customers

If you are seeking assisted reproduction treatment at Diers Klinik, it is essential to understand the legal implications depending on your place of residence. For non-Danish residents, we advise researching your home country’s civil law consequences. 

We advise you to read more about the consequences under civil law for foreign customers who live in Denmark here. 

Let us help you find a sperm donor

At Diers Klinik, we understand that embarking on the journey to parenthood is filled with questions, and we are here to provide the answers to you when you have to find a sperm donor.

Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you feel confident and well-informed as you make important decisions.

We believe that no question is too small or too trivial when it comes to your journey to parenthood. And we are here to provide you with the support and guidance you need.

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We look forward to welcoming you at Diers Klinik.