Lesbian Couple Felt Pressured by Fertility System in UK

Lesbian fertility treatment

Here at Diers Klinik, we are very happy that we have been able to help Danielle and Sophie from UK fulfil their dream of a child. Read their story here.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Danielle and Sophie!


Lesbian Couple Felt Pressured by Fertility System in UK

Danielle and Sophie are married and wanted to start a family. After three failed IUI-treatments in the UK, they felt pressured into IVF-treatment. They sought their fortune in Denmark and are now expecting their first child. They tell their story and encourage other lesbians to seek treatment outside the UK.

In December, Sophie and Danielle were in Denmark for the second time. Danielle was inseminated (IUI), and she’s now expecting the couple’s first child.

Long and costly treatment process in UK

IUI-procedures in the UK cost about 1.300 pounds per attempt excluding donor sperm, but the price in Denmark is less than half. In the UK, lesbian couples must go through six attempted inseminations, before they can receive government support. But in their experience, the British clinics pressure their clients to overtreatment. In our case, the clinic wanted to transfer them to IVF-treatments after only three IUI-attempts.

Having a baby would be a dream come true for us, and we needed to be treated and seen and heard like anyone else who wants to have a baby. In the UK, fertility treatment as a lesbian is a long and costly process, and after three failed IUI-attempts, they wanted us to try an IVF-treatment. So, we explored the opportunities outside the UK and stumbled upon Diers Clinic in Denmark.

Less complicated in Denmark

Fertility treatment in Britain is expensive, and the three inseminations cost us over 4000 pounds. When you want a baby, the money is not what’s important.

To us, the big difference was that we in Denmark didn’t have to fight for what we wanted. In Britain, we constantly had to defend our choices, and when the inseminations were unsuccessful, the system wanted us to transfer to IVF-treatment.

As natural as possible

It’s important to me that the process was as natural as possible, and I was relieved to come to Denmark, where we felt they listened to our wishes.

The second insemination attempt was a success, and it shows British doctors look squarely to set predetermined treatment plans that are often best suited for heterosexual couples, and not what treatment is right for the individual couple.

Danielle and Sophie’s story has also been published in articles in Birmingham World and Gscene Magazine.