Hormone treatment and risk of infection

Possible hormone treatment

Women who have a completely regular menstrual cycle do not usually benefit from hormone stimulation. In some cases more follicles mature with hormone stimulation, so the risk of having twins increases. Pregnancy with more fetuses always includes a risk for mother and child during pregnancy and birth.

However, there can be cases where hormone stimulation can not be avoided for e.g, with PCOS or other hormonal imbalances. If you for some or other reason need to be hormone stimulated, you must arrange an ultrasound scan with the doctor that prescribes the hormone treatment before the insemination. If more than 3 follicles have matured, you cannot be inseminated and you must wait until the next cycle as it is too much of a risk for both you as well as the fetus’s. The scan is usually performed on day 10 to 12 of your cycle.

If we see 2 or 3 follicles during the scan before the treatment, we will always communicate this as you must approve the risk of a multiple fetus pregnancy in such a case. There is no increased risk for multiple fetus pregnancy with insemination treatment in general.

Risk of infection

After the insemination treatment there is a small risk of infection that lies between 0,01 and 0,2%. Due to this risk, we recommend that you avoid swimming and baths 4-5 days after the treatment has taken place. It is no problem to take a normal shower. You must also avoid saunas the first few days after treatment, as the high temperatures can kill the sperm cells.