Hormone-free fertility treatment

No fertility drugs needed – flexible scheduling to align with your body’s natural biorhythm.

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Affordable IUI

High-quality IUI treatment at up to 50% lower costs compared to UK clinics.

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Extensive donor catalogue

Choose between a wide selection of open and closed sperm donors.

Open 365 day a year – no waiting lists

Book a free consultation today and start treatment in your next menstrual cycle.

Welcome to Diers Klinik,


My name is Liza Diers. I founded Diers Klinik in 2006, motivated by a deep belief that fertility treatment should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or orientation. I founded the clinic on the principles of inclusivity – a philosophy that remains at the heart of Diers Klinik‘s DNA and continues to guide our mission today.


At Diers Klinik, we are very proud of our long history in assisting a wide range of clients, including single women, lesbian couples, transgender couples and heterosexual couples to achieve their dreams of starting or growing a family.


My team and I look forward to welcoming you in the clinic – you are in the best of hands.


Liza Diers

Step by step

The treatment process is simple. It includes the following easy steps:

1. Consultation

Online or in person. We will give you a detailed guidance about the treatment process.

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2. Preparation

Have the necessary blood test taken.

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3. Choose a sperm donor

If you need a sperm donor, we offer a wide selection and can help you find a good match.

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4. Treatment

Come for insemination treatment when the ovulation test is positive.

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Our clinic for fertility has a high success rate for intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Currently, we are Denmark’s leading IUI fertility clinic, performing the highest number of IUI treatments annually. Our exceptional success rates confirm this achievement and establish us as one of Denmark’s premier fertility clinics.

We focus on exact timing of the IUI insemination to optimise your chances of becoming pregnant. Supported by our experienced team, available for you 365 days a year, we are offering the best possible conditions for achieving pregnancy in the most natural way.

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Our clinic for fertility is known for inclusion and empathy

Diers Klinik has consistently led the way in providing inclusive care to LGBTQ+ couples and individuals. From the beginning, we have welcomed lesbian and LGBT+ couples wishing to start their journey to parenthood through donor insemination.

Today, we also assist an increasing number of single women and transgender couples in achieving their dream of having a child.

Our founder, Liza, a mother to three wonderful donor-conceived children, personally understands the emotional path to parenthood via fertility treatment involving a donor.

Within the welcoming and open-minded environment of our clinic for fertility, you will find a space free from judgement or bias.

Affordable insemination treatment 365 days a year

One of our cornerstones is accessibility. We firmly believe that fertility treatment should be available when you need it. That is why our clinic for fertility offers insemination services 365 days a year, ensuring the timing aligns perfectly with your body’s natural cycle. No lengthy waiting lists stand between you and your dreams of parenthood.

At our clinic for fertility, we aim to make your path to parenthood as smooth and ucomplicated as possible. Once you have booked your first free and unbinding consultation with us, you are only a few steps from getting started. You can actually begin treatment in your next menstrual cycle, if you want.

Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing structure. At Diers Klinik, we believe in fairness and clarity. Our pricing is straightforward, free from hidden costs, allowing you to plan your journey confidently.

Diers Klinik, Store Torv, Aarhus

Find our clinic for fertility in the heart of Aarhus

At Diers Klinik, you will find a warm and open-minded environment where you are truly welcome when you begin your fertility journey. Our clinic for fertility is situated on the main square of Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city.


Convenience is key, and we understand the importance of easy access. Our clinic for fertility is strategically located for swift arrivals from major airports such as Aarhus, Billund, Aalborg, and Copenhagen. Should you require any travel guidance, our dedicated team is here to provide the information you need to make your journey seamless.


To get in touch with us, you can reach out via phone at +45 20 22 85, available seven days a week from 9 am to 4 pm. Alternatively, you can email us at info@diersklinik.dk

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