This is how the insemination treatment will take place

On the day of the treatment, we set aside approximately an hour for the insemination treatment which includes preparation and rest afterwards. It is very important that the insemination treatment takes place at the right time. Therefore we always recommend an ultrasound before the actual insemination. During the scan we measure your follicles and the endometrium. In this way we ensure that the insemination treatment is not performed too early.

You can always get an appointment

You will always be asked to communicate your arrival when you wish to have your insemination treatment. Phone us or send an email no later than 10 o’clock on the day you wish to be treated. You have to be in the clinic no later than 15 o’clock so that we can complete the insemination treatment. You can always get an appointment if you have a positive ovulation test.
The insemination alone only lasts a few minutes and is often completely painless. We place a sterile catheter through the cervix and directly into the uterus where the sperm unit will be placed. The treatment will feel like a gynecologist examination.

Rest and acupuncture

After the actual insemination treatment you have to rest for approximately 15 minutes so that the body can relax. In relation to this, we offer acupuncture that works to relax the muscles and simultaneously contributes to an increased blood circulation in the uterus which can have a positive effect on the insemination.
If you wish to receive acupuncture in relation with your treatment you only need to communicate this beforehand when you announce your arrival. You may also make an appointment for acupuncture the day after the treatment to positively affect the fertilisation.

Scan before ovulation

If you wish to have an ultrasound scan during the days leading up to ovulation you may kindly contact us so that we can arrange a time for this.


After the insemination treatment we always hand out a pregnancy test that you take 14 days after the treatment. As we are committed to report all results from treatments to the National Board of Health, it is very important that you give your feedback regardless of whether the insemination treatment was successful or not.


Here you can read about the risks that can be associated with insemination treatment.