Our best tips for you

You can increase the changes of becoming pregant

Here you will receive our most important advice when you have a wish of becoming pregnant

Relaxed approach

The more secure and relaxed you are about the course, the better your chances will be that your body relaxes, and, in that way, it is more open to treatment. We recommend that you continue leading a completely normal everyday life.

Folic acid

The Danish health board suggests that you consume 400 micrograms of folic acid per day when you have the wish of becoming pregnant. We recommend that you take it for 3 months before you begin treatments.

Healthy and varied diet

If your diet includes fruits and vegetables – at least 6 portions a day – there is no need to eat any other dietary supplements while you are trying to become pregnant.

Further recommendations to increase chances of pregnancy

Smoking and alcohol

It has been proven that smoking decreases fertility substantially. Furthermore, you have a higher risk of having a miscarriage if you smoke. We therefore recommend that you stop smoking before the beginning of any treatment.
The Danish health board recommends that you do not drink alcohol during pregnancy and that you likewise avoid alcohol when attempting to become pregnant.


There is a small disagreement on whether coffee and caffeine intake have an impact on fertility. Multiple experiments point in different directions. It is therefore not necessary to stop drinking coffee as long as you do not have an excessive caffeine intake.


Being overweight also has an impact on fertility. The hormone system is affected by the fat tissue. Fertility can be impacted if you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or more. If your fertility is impacted it will for e.g. result in a long menstrual cycle. However, many women have an increased BMI without it influencing their fertility.

Here at Diers Klinik we have no BMI limit in order to begin treatment. Our experience has not proven that an increased BMI decreases the chances of pregnancy if your cycle is regular.