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Before you start your treatment, you need to have a consultation. If you are in a relationship, we would also very much like to meet your partner for the consultation.

The consultation takes place in a calm and secure space and we start with you and any wishes you may have during the course of the treatment. We will discuss how the actual treatment will take place, how you can prepare in the best way possible and of course you will be able to get answers to all the questions you may have. After the consultation it is important for us that you have a clear notion of what is going to happen and that you feel prepared and secure in view of your fertility treatment.

During the consultation, you will receive detailed instructions about how to test for ovulation and we will talk about your chances of becoming pregnant.

Donor choice

During the consultation we will approach the matter of which sperm donor you would wish to have. We will present you with the SellmerDiers’ donors, of whom we have a lot of knowledge about, and we will also explain how you reserve or buy a donor before the treatment. Of course we can also explain the possibility of buying donor sperm through another sperm bank and which relationships you have to be aware of in such a case.

If you wish to have the treatment take place with your partner’s sperm, we will explain exactly how this will take place and how you and your partner can obtain the best possible sperm quality for treatment.

It is also a possibility if you have a friend or known person you wish to be the donor/father of your child. In order to make this possible, we also need to have a consultation with him so that everybody involved is aware about the consequences that this choice could have for both you as well as the child.

Make an appointment for your consultation

We have consultations every day of the week between 10 and 15 o’clock.

You can book an appointment for the consultation by clicking on the button on top of the page.

We recommend that the consultation is held no later than a month before the first insemination. The consultation can of course also be held with short notice and can take place with us in Aarhus or through a phone call. We’ll of course call you for the consultation.

It is a good idea for you to have read through our information material before you come to your consultation. If you have not received this yet, you can order it here.

After the consultation you are of course welcome to contact us at any time if you have any further questions. It is of course completely up to you when you wish to begin treatments after the consultation.