Sperm donor

A choice for life

We primarily use sperm from SellmerDiers sperm bank because they have set a worldwide limit on the number of donor children per sperm donor. We believe that this is essential so that the open donors are able to undertake the commitment it is to be an open donor in the future. An open SellmerDiers donor may help a maximum of 25 families to have a child or children.

We will of course gladly perform an insemination with sperm from other sperm banks. If you wish this, you must buy the sperm at the sperm bank yourself and get it sent to us. If you or your partner for e.g. already have a donor child from another Danish sperm bank, we will gladly guide you in view of this.

Donor Categories

Choose the donor type that suits you best. SellmerDiers Sperm Bank offers the following three donor categories:

ID-Release donors (with extended profile)

At the child’s request, when he or she turns 18 years old, it is possible to receive identifiable information on the donor through SellmerDiers Sperm Bank

No ID-Release donors (without extended profile)

The donor’s identity stays anonymous

You can read more about the different categories by following this link. You can log in on SellmerDiers’ website, free of charge, and see all the donor profiles from home. We will look forward to guiding you in view of your wishes regarding donor choice during your consultation.